Bhim Army chief asks Mayawati to join hands

Lucknow, Nov 6 : Bhim Army chief Chandra Shekhar has once again extended an olive branch to BSP chief Mayawati and has asked her to join hands.

Chandra Shekhar has said in his letter that the Bahujan movement was losing steam and time had come for them to sink differences.

"We have to sit together and introspect why the Bahujan movement is becoming weak.

Our biggest concern should be to strengthen the movement and work for the welfare of the downtrodden," he said.

He further said that as member of late Kanshi Ram's core team, Mayawati's experience was valuable and that she should share them with like-minded leaders.

"The Bahujan Samaj is passing through tough times and atrocities on Dalits are increasing in the BJP regime and their rights are also being infringed upon.

The ruling party members are mounting an attack on the reservation policy and the constitutional rights of Dalits are in danger," he wrote.

Chandra Shekhar further pointed out that the forward march of BJP has weakened the Bahujan movement and Dalit leaders need to think about the situation.

Meanwhile, BSP president Mayawati on Wednesday held a meeting of party leaders in Lucknow in which she mounted a blistering attack on BJP, SP and Congress and blamed these parties for religious appeasement.

"We have never used religion to further our political gains.

I am reappointing Munkad Ali as state president and Danish Ali will be the leader of the BSP parliamentary party.

The SP has been accusing us of Muslim appeasement, but I am not going to succumb to such allegations," she said.

Surprisingly, Mayawati did not announce action against BSP MP Shyam Singh Yadav who had attended a Samajwadi Party meeting in Jaunpur recently.

She said Yadav would be given an important responsibility in the state soon.

Mayawati reiterated that she would continue to pursue the policy of "Sarvjan Hitaye, Sarvjan Sukhaye".



Source: IANS