Bhutan gears up for unique inter-faith chanting event

Thimphu, June 8 : The picturesque capital of arguably the worlds happiest country is all set to host a unique "Thuendrel: Inter-Faith Chanting" event on Saturday.

The event is a part of the year-long celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between India and Bhutan.

"This year is a landmark year in our bilateral relations and an occasion to celebrate what binds us together in friendship and cooperation.

The Thuendrel is a unique event that draws on our common religious and spiritual traditions," Jaideep Sarkar, India's Ambassador to Bhutan told IANS.

"Inter-faith events of this nature are important in today's world to build mutual understanding and harmony among people of different faiths and persuasions," he said.

The event is being organised by Siyahi, a Jaipur based Literary Consultancy firm, which also organises the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival here.

"Bhutan and India have shared an exceptional relationship that extends beyond diplomacy and envelopes culture, spirit and tradition.

Theundral is a monumental event, and I am fortunate to have Siyahi partake of this celebration of 50 years of friendship," Mita Kapur, the founder and CEO of Siyahi told IANS.

The meditative chanting of the Buddhist monks from Zhung Dratshang, Vedic notes by Sawani Mudgal and Gurbani invocation by Ashupreet and Sisters would come together in an extraordinary celebration of the spiritual being.



Source: IANS