Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya discovers benefit of being on the controversial show

Mumbai, Oct 4 : Singer Rahul Vaidya is excited to step into the Bigg Boss 14 house because he feels, irrespective of the controversial image of the show, he can actually use his stay to better himself as a person.

"What interests me is I think it's going to make me better.

How I react in certain situations will be captured on camera and we will get a proof of how I behave in different situations," said Rahul, who was second runners-up on "Indian Idol 1", while speaking to IANS.

His strategy, he says, is to be himself and avoid creating unnecessary controversies for the cameras.

"I am not worried about controversies because if an opinion leads to controversies then I am fine with it.

I am not a person who will create unnecessary controversies for the camera," he said.

He added: "There are two kinds of people who will fight and make relationships or laugh for the camera, and I will do everything for a reason.

That is one difference that, I think, will separate me from others anyone else."

Rahul is excited about his stint on "Bigg Boss 14" hosted by Salman Khan on Colors but is jittery about stepping out of his comfort zone.

"It is a jittery feeling because to be out of your comfort zone, food, and people will be difficult.

That is what the whole experience is about," he added.

Talking about why he chose the 14th season, Rahul says due to the Covid outbreak there are no live or ground shows happening, so this weas the best time to enter the "Bigg Boss" house.

"Being a singer-performer, October to February are the busiest months for me because of ground events.

They are the busiest months for me as a performer. Whenever Bigg Boss was offered to me in the past, I had committed dates for shows. But due to Covid-19, there are no ground events happening," he said.

The singer also shared that the show requires contestants to be themselves as there is 24x7 vigilance of live cameras and microphones.

"'Bigg Boss' requires me to be myself. I love being myself and that is why I think I was excited to be on the show. All said and done, 'Bigg Boss' is the most talked-about show whenever it comes on air. So, I think it gives you substantial fanfare," he said.



Source: IANS