Bikaner land deal: Questions that Robert Vadra was asked about his company’s business and profits (IANS Exclusive)

Jaipur, Feb 13 : The Enforcement Directorate (ED), which is questioning Robert Vadra, brother-in-law of Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a money laundering case involving the Bikaner land deal case, is learnt to have asked him the following questions on Tuesday (February 12):

(Vadra needs to reply in writing to the questions, which are translated from Hindi) * Question: How much partnership you (Vadra) and your mother have in the Skylight LLP?

* Question: How much interferance does Maureen Vadra has in the company's transactions and management?

* Question: What is the main business of your company?

* Question: What is the main source of income of your company?

* Whom did you authorise to buy the lands for your company?

* Question: What was the role of the man in the Skylight Hospitality who was authorised to buy the lands for you?

* Question: What the source of the the payment for buying the lands?

* Question: Did Skylight Hospitality take any loan from anyone to buy those lands?

* Question: What was the arrangement that your company had to repay the loans which it took to buy the lands?

* Question: Your company bought the land at cheaper rate and sold it at very high rates.

Did this happen to your knowledge?

* Question: Beside Kolayat and Mahajan Firing range, where else did your company engage in sale and purchase of lands?

* Question: How did your company utilise the profit it earned from selling the lands?

* Question: When was the matter of forgery in buying and selling lands in Kolayat brought to your notice?

* Question: After getting this information, what action did you take?

* Question: What was your relationship with Mahesh Nagar, a Haryana Congress leader and a resident of Faridabad?

* Question: Were Ashok Singh, a resident of Faridabad and Bikaner's Jaiprakash Bagarwa in your contact?

* Question: Did you come to know about their arrest by the ED?

* Question: How much land did your company buy out of the 1,422 bighas of land in Mahajan firing range and in Bikaner's Kolayat region?

* Question: Through whom did your company buy the 275 bighas of land in Rs 79 lakh? What do you have to say about this?

* Question: How much profit did your company make after selling the 275 bighas of land?

* Question: With whom was the profit of land shared?

* Question: Was the profit as per your expectation?

Vadra was questioned for eight hours on Tuesday.

He and his 75-year-old mother Maureen Vadra was accompanied to the ED office by his wife Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who was recently appointed as Congress general secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Last week, ED had questioned Vadra for over 24 hours on three days -- Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday -- in a separate money laundering case in Delhi.



Source: IANS