Bill Cosby believes he’s victim of racism, revenge

New Delhi [India], May 17 : In his first interview in over two years, Bill Cosby said that he does not expect to testify at his upcoming felony sexual assault trial and believes some of the accusations against him are motivated by racism.

During a 30 minutes interview with radio host Michael Smerconish, the 79-year-old entertainer portrays himself as a victim of the media and of accusers who were "piling on." "The piling on, so to speak, is a way-and certainly an impressive, impressive way-to get public opinion to come to the other side," he said during the interview.

Tweeting about the radio segment, he repeated an argument made by his daughter, Ensa Cosby, who released a statement recently.

"I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal. The accusations against my father have been one-sided from the beginning. I've witnessed my father's reputation and legendary works be dismissed without any proof," Ensa said. Adding, "...My father has been publicly lynched in the media." "Over the last few years, my family has been forced to sit down and watch as our father has been attacked in the media.

I love my father and always have and always will," Bill's daughter continued, "I believe in his innocence and I know how he values me." When asked about his daughter's 'racism' theory, the former 'Cosby Show' star, who stands trial June 5, replied, "Could be.

Could be. I can't say anything, but there are certain things that I look at, and I apply to the situation, and there are so many tentacles.

So many different-'nefarious' is a great word. I just truly believe that some of it may very well be that." When Michael noted that Bill's accusers are both black and white, the disgraced comedian replied, "Let me put it to you this way: When you look at the power structure, and when you look at individuals, there are some people who can very well be motivated by whether or not they're going to work.

Or whether or not they might be able to get back at someone. So, if it's in terms of whatever the choice is, I think that you can also examine individuals and situations and they will come out differently.

So, it's not all-not every-but I do think that there's some." Cosby, who has been accused of sexual misdeeds by at least 60 women, also cited a feminist author, saying "Gloria Steinem had a very interesting quote.

She said, 'The truth shall set you free, but first it might piss you off'.?" Here's the complete interview of Bill Cosby: Here's Cosby's daughter statement: .

Source: ANI