Birmingham is one of the most ‘murderous places’ in UK: Authorities

London [UK], Feb. 3 : United Kingdom's Home Office has termed Birmingham as one of the 'most murderous' places in England and Wales as the latest crime figures revealed that the city had a high rate of homicides, attempted murders and conspiracies in the past 12 months till October 2016.

According to these figures released by the Office, Birmingham experienced, over the year, 13 homicides and 50 attempted murders, reports the Nation.

These 63 offences translate to a rate of 5.7 murderous crimes for every 100,000 people living in Birmingham - one of the highest rates out of anywhere else in England and Wales.

In comparison, the two countries saw a total of 1,490 homicides, attempted murder and conspiracy to murder, or just 2.6 for every 100,000 people.

Across England and Wales, these types of crime have been on a rise since 2014-15, having risen by 22 per cent from the 1,225 seen in the same period that year.

Similarly, in Birmingham the total number of murderous crimes had risen 19 per cent from 53 in 2014-15.

Source: ANI