BJP backs Rajnath’s criticism of separatists

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Sept. 6 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday criticised the Hurriyat leaders for refusing to talk despite the all-party delegation members visiting their house and said that they are against Insaaniyat (Humanity), Jamooriyat (Democracy) and don't believe in Kashmiriyat.

"The statements made by Rajnath Singh further proves that separatist leaders don't believe neither in constitution nor democracy.

When opposition party leaders, who believe in democratic principles, went to the Hurriyat leaders to talk they refused to do so, because they are against insaniyat and Kashmiriyat and don't believe in Jamooriyat," BJP leader Prem Shukla told ANI.

Addressing the media in Srinagar, Singh yesterday,was extremely upset with the separatists move to reject the offer of talks and said that it clearly indicates that they don't believe in 'insaniyat, Kashmiriyat, jamuriyat', while reiterating the doors are always open for those keen on holding a dialogue to restore normalcy in the region.

He said the Centre as well as the all-party delegation is extremely serious and concerned about ensuring that the prevailing situation improves in the valley and normalcy is restored at the earliest.

A meeting will be convened on September 7, under the chairmanship of Rajnath Singh to decide the future course of action.

Source: ANI