BJP bought lands to divert its black money: Congress

New Delhi [India], Nov. 26 : The Congress Party on Saturday alleged that the anti-poor BJP-led NDA regime purchased lands prior to the demonetisation drive to divert its black money.

"I think Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the right thing that nobody got time for preparation and that is why 97 percent of the people are standing in line.

This also proves that Prime Minister Modi believes the common man is also tax evader and possesses black money," Congress leader Meem Afzal said.

"We were under the assumption that BJP indulged in land grabbing from the month of September till October 1.We have also given proof in this regard.

This also proves that the way three crore rupees were submitted by the BJP's West Bengal unit proves that the saffron party workers had prior knowledge about the demonetisation decision," he added.

Afzal also demanded an inquiry into the investments made by the BJP in all the states ruled by it. "The BJP leaders now stand exposed. This black money is circulated from 11, Ashoka Road (BJP Headquarters) and is spread to various parts of the country starting from Bihar.

We are also investigating the matter," Afzal told ANI here. Afzal further said the mismanagement on government's part is a clear indication of the fact that they are incompetent to run this nation.

The Congress leader was also critical of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for supporting the government's demonetisation drive.

"Sharad Yadav ji and their party's spokespersons are openly speaking against the government," he said.

The Bihar Chief Minister today backed the move by the BJP led NDA government on demonetisation and urged the ruling dispensation at the Centre to hit benami property and impose a ban on liquor.

\ "After demonetisation, the government should also hit benami property and ban liquor because they are the prime sources of black money.

If the business of liquor ban has stopped then find out what are they doing who were indulging in this business.

If they are doing something alternative then its good," he said. Nitish, however, said that the government should have made more preparations prior to announcing this move as the nation is facing difficulties due to demonetisation.

"I would urge the Prime Minister to impose a ban on liquor ban in the entire nation. The nation will be free from corruption if you hit benami property and liquor business," he added. Nitish yesterday described the move as a "courageous step" even as he admitted that "poor arrangements" in its implementation were causing hardship to the common man.

He also dismissed reports of "confusion or fissures" in the grand alliance in Bihar over the demonetisation issue.

Source: ANI