BJP passes unanimous resolution hailing PM Modi’s demonetisation move

New Delhi [India], Nov. 22 : The BJP parliamentary party on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution backing demonetisation and hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this "historic announcement".

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu expressed confidence that this initiative would ensure that terrorist and extremist organisations no more enjoy financial support besides addressing the problem of counterfeit currency and checking unaccounted money in the system.

"The parliamentary party hailed the historic, revolutionary move by the Prime Minister. It welcomes the historic announcement made by the Prime Minister with regard to the legal tender. The BJP acknowledges this as a national project of cleansing the system of great significance that will result in behavioral attitudal change, encouraging honesty in person, public, in particular the political life of the country," he added.

Naidu asserted that this move would benefit the poor and the common man in several ways. "The BJP parliamentary party compliments the government for its pro-active response. Over the last 70 years, the common man has grudgingly accepted the foul ways of those in power," said Naidu.

"During the last 12 days, the poor and the common man of the country and the honest people have made the most profound statement ever made in India's history in recent times.

They are queuing for better India," he added. Naidu alleged some minority dishonest people are exploiting the system to the detriment of the common man and poor.

"Every major transformation initiative will result in some temporary inconvenience to start with. The initial pain leads to substantial gain. The BJP is grateful to the people of the country for their support to the government. It also compliments the employees of the banks for the hard work they are doing," he added. He further stated that the BJP condemns the malicious efforts by some political parties, desperate to provoke violence and chaos, having been rattled by the widespread support of the people to the government's initiative and bent upon disturbing the proceedings of Parliament.

"At this crucial juncture, the political parties have to choose whether they would stand by the government and the people of India or protect the interest of the black money hoarders," he added.

The Union Minister expressed hope that all the political parties would deliberate measures to eliminate the black money menace.

"Then only the nation's interest will be served. The BJP parliamentary party congratulates the Prime Minister for his historic, pro-poor decision in the interest of the nation and calls upon for other measures to clean up the entire system," he added.

Source: ANI