BJP releases video to counter controversy on Amit Shah throwing turban

Tripura (Agartala) [India], May 9 : As the video of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Amit Shah throwing away the welcome turban at the end of the public rally on Sunday at Kumarghar in North Tripura gets viral, the saffron party on Tuesday alleged it as a propaganda by the party in power.

In order to substantiate their claim, the BJP released a new video of the same incident shoot from different angle with another camera.

CPI(M) spokesperson Gautam Das yesterday alleged that Shah before leaving the stage at Kumarghat had threw away the Manipuri turban that was offered to him during welcoming.

Das said that by throwing away the turban Shah has not only shown his disrespect towards the Manipuri community bus as a whole towards the people of Tripura.

Meantime, BJP state observer Sunil Deodhar countered the CPI (M)allegation and came out with a new video of the same incident shoot from a different angle with a separate camera.

Deodhar strongly protested and said that the allegations are totally false and doctored by the ruling CPI (M)-led Left Front to mislead the media and the people of the state.

According to him, the BJP national president had given the turban to a CRPF person before leaving the stage who had put it in a chair.

Source: ANI