BJP says Congress has habit of praising Pak

Bengaluru, Aug. 23 : Bharatita Janata Party (BJP) leader S Prakash on Tuesday said that he was not at all surprised by Congress leader Ramya's description of Pakistan being a "good country and not a hell".

Prakash said the Congres is habituated in its' praise of Pakistan. "Lauding on Pakistan by several Congress leaders is not new to our nation. However, I think, a statement from an ex-MP should be ignored, and in what context she spoke, should be analysed? It should not be blown up out of proposition.

Needlessly, we are giving an undue publicity to her," Prakash told ANI. Earlier on Sunday Ramya had said that "Pak is a good country, not hell. Manohar Parrikar's comment not true." Ramya had made the comment after returning from Islamabad where she had gone to attend the SAARC Young Parliamentarians Conference - 2016.

Responding to her remark, actor-cum-politician Jaggesh said, "People who have not studied and don't have any experience are praising Pakistan.

They should be given a peace prize, maybe a Nobel. They should also be allowed to stand next to Bill Clinton and take photos." Jaggesh didn't refrain from describing those supporting anti-national sentiments as 'mosquitoes and bedbugs'.

Ramya's remarks were in reference to the Defence Minister Manohar Parikar's statement wherein he said, "Our soldiers sent back five terrorists yesterday.

Going to Pakistan is the same as going to hell. Pakistan has encouraged terrorism, and now they are facing consequences of that policy." Complaint has been filed against Ramya in Kodagu (Karnataka) against her statement, on which hearing is pending on August 27.

Source: ANI