BJP will form government in Odisha in 2019: Naidu

Bhubaneswar (Odisha), Apr 16 ; With the conclusion of its two-day National Executive meet in Bhubaneswar, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday described the success of the meet as the "love of people of Odisha for Prime Minister Narendra Modi".

"Undoubtedly Prime Minister Modi has created his place in the heart of people through his 'Mann Ki Baat' and public meetings.

Now it's time for BJP to create that connection with the people of the nation," Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu told the media here.

Naidu further asserted that all efforts were being made to ensure that Central benefits reached to the people across the country.

"People want Modi as their prime minister in 2019 also. The people across the country have faith in the Modi government for its pro-poor schemes and policies All efforts were being made to reach benefits to the people across the country," he added.

"We will try to come to power in Odisha in 2019 (when assembly poll is due)," he added. Pitching the formula of a 'pro-active and pro-people' governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday exuded confidence about the NDA Government coming to power yet again, adding that his party will in 2022 bring about a social economic change which will make India number one economically.

While addressing the BJP National executive meeting in Odisha, the Prime Minister pitched a new India political thought his speech with the main focus on 'Janadhan, Vandhan and Jaldhan.

"Under Janadhan, 28 crore have opened bank accounts under the government's policy. But for the remaining two policies, the Prime Minister said that we need to work honestly, as our policies have given faith to the people," he added.

Talking about the all round development of the country in terms of economy and social equality, the Prime Minister emphasized on envisaging an India sans discrimination of any kind.

"Making the poor man as a central point and to make his life sustainable, the thought of 'new India' is to free the poor man from unemployment and hunger," he added.

The next national executive meet of the party will be held in Visakhapatnam on July 15 and 16..

Source: ANI