Blake Lively speaks about auditioning for ‘Cafe Society’

London [England], Aug. 31 : Recalling her time while auditioning for Woody Allen's new film, 'Cafe Society' actress Blake Lively said despite her solid acting experience she was nervous.

As per an Independent report, the 29 year-old actress was intimidated. "There were a couple of people in the room, no cameras, nothing. He just watches it, walks around you, and says, 'OK, can you say it again but louder.'" "I realised I was totally whispering so that he couldn't actually hear me! Because if he couldn't hear me, he couldn't think I was bad," she added.

The blonde, statuesque Lively has managed to pull off six seasons of hit show 'Gossip Girl' but surprisingly speaks about her casting by Allen with all the surprise.

A fan of his films herself, she gushes, "I never imagined that I would be in one. I would've liked to have been, but I didn't set that as a goal for myself." Majorly set around fancy Hollywood parties and chic nightclubs, 'Cafe Society' is classic Allen wish-fulfilment.

While the actress makes her presence felt, it's not a huge role for Lively. "I didn't care if it was one line, one scene, or playing a janitor. He's one of the few filmmakers who really, really writes to women. They're fully realised women; they're not one thing or the other. You're not hired to be the intellect or the bimbo... so you're not thinking, 'I'm going to be the tart of the film' or 'I'm going to be the intellectual bitch.' You know that the woman will be multi-faceted and not thin-sliced," she retorts.

Currently pregnant with her second child, Lively and her actor-husband Ryan Reynolds already have one young daughter.

In September, she'll present 'All I See Is You' at the Toronto Film Festival, playing a blind woman who gradually regains her sight.

"It's probably the work that I'm the most proud of," she says. Sharing her experience, Lively admits that it's been instructive to switch between lead and support, as she is in 'Cafe Society.' "Sometimes the hardest thing is, when you're playing the main role, you have to be likeable the whole time.

So you can't be as potent. Sometimes coming in for smaller roles, you get to go further with whatever direction you're going. You get to come in a lot stronger... that's why they call them character actors. It's not your job to charm every single person in the whole movie," she says. 'Cafe Society' is all set to release on September 2..

Source: ANI