Bollywood expresses shock over Hathras gangrape

Mumbai, Sep 30 : Bollywood celebrities have expressed shock over the alleged brutal gangrape of a teenager in Hathras.

B-Towners also voiced protest against the alleged cremation of the victim by the police without consent of her family early on Wednesday.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted: "I have immense faith in @myogiadityanath ji, just how Priyanka Reddy rapists were shot dead on the very spot they raped and burnt her alive we want the same emotional, instinctive and impulsive justice for #HathrasHorror #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia."

Urmila Matondkar shared: "Beyond inhuman when those who come into power by selling women's grief r in complete silence over #HathrasHorror #MediaCircus silent #WomensRights activists gayab Selective justice of #NewIndia? #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #betibachao??"

Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar wrote: "The UP police cremated the body of the rape victim of Hathras at 2.30 in the night without the permission or even the presence of the family .

It leaves us with a question . What makes them confident that they will get away with this audacity. Who has given them this assurance."

Actress-politician Nagma posted: "Police did nt allow the family of deceased #hathras girl #ShameOnYouHathrasPolice #Manisha body to b taken to her hme but forcefully cremated her at night at 2.45am when her mother kept crying and requesting for her body to see her and do their last rites as per Hindu rites, liars."

Actor-politician Prakash Raj tweeted: "Ahhh.

So Depressing. what are we witnessing ..what has the UP police done ..@myogiadityanath

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #JusticeForHathrasVictim"

Nimrat Kaur posted: "So apparently the extent of the atrocity can go beyond what's already unthinkable.

The family's deprived of a respectable farewell to their little girl. Easily one of the darkest moments we've witnessed as a country. #Hathras #JusticeForManishaValmiki"

Singer Sona Mohapatra wrote: "Hoping all of India is listening, watching and noting.

@Uppolice #HathrasCase . #JusticeForHathrasVictim. I was not there, don't know all the details, don't care to make this a political hulaboo, my heart (and) soul hears (and) cries for #ManishaValmiki (and) her family.

Police reforms from the ground up please dear #India. We've been carrying forward the British legacy for too long. #Hathras."

Pooja Bhatt tweeted: "Devastating in every which way. Where do we go from here? Straight to hell. Actually no. We are as a species, already in a hell of our own making."

Swara Bhasker wrote: "It's time. @myogiadityanath should RESIGN. Under him utter breakdown of law (and) order in UP. His policies have created caste strife, fake encounters, gang wars (and) there is a RAPE EPIDEMIC in Uttar Pradesh.

#Hathras case is only one example. #YogiMustResign #PresidentRuleInUP"

Not only questioning the cremation done by the police allegedly without the consent of the victim's family, Bollywood celebs also expressed their shock and horror at the brutality of the crime.

Anushka Sharma shared on Instagram story: "The horrific story of Hathras gangrape has devastated me...I sincerely hope that strictest punishment is given to the barbaric men who have carried out such a horrific, inhuman act on a young life and caused her family irreparable pain."

Shilpa Shetty posted: "A young life has been stunted so brutally that it has left me shaken.

I truly hope the young girl who has succumbed to her injuries today receives justice. Cannot imagine the pain her family is in, but I hope against hopes for stringent laws to come into action, and these perpetrators of cruelty and inhumanity are punished and time and space not to be wasted in our prisons.

Peace prayers and strength to the family. #JusticeForManishaValmiki"

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli tweeted: "#Hathras #HathrasHorror the punishment needs to be fast (and) severe to scare future criminals.

Don't hide their faces. Stop pampering your 'Raja betas'. These criminals come from a society where the boy child is revered as some gift of god, who will take forward your legacy BS."

Preity Zinta wrote: "The #Hathras perpetrators should be treated the same way they treated that poor girl.

These demons cannot be treated like humans. Justice delayed is justice denied. My heart goes out to her family. Imagine their pain ? No goodbye, No closure #RIP #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia."

Koena Mitra tweeted: "#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia Tongue cut, Spine broken, Multiple rapes ..20 year old girl dies.

Shame on Laws! Dear Women, Your boys need sex education and guidance. We don't need to empower women, we need to educate MEN!!

#justiceformanishavalmiki #changetheconstitutionforrape

Aftab Shivdasani shared: "Shocking!! When will this disgusting mindset change!! The rapists must be hanged publicly and there must be capital punishment for such crimes in India.

#HatrasCase Prayers for the poor girl and her family. So disturbing."

Stand up comedian and actor Vir Das wrote: "DEMAND action for #Hathras."



Source: IANS