Book on ‘anti-farmer policies’ of Modi government launched

New Delhi, Nov 26 : A book detailing how Modi government's policies have led to a drop in farmers' income and caused rural distress across the country was launched in the capital on Monday.

The book 'Modiraj Main Kisan, Double Aamad Ya Double afat' -- is authored by Swaraj India President Yogendra Yadav.

It was on Monday launched by agricultural economist Ashok Gulati and the Punjab State Farmers' and Farm Workers' Commission Chairman Ajay Vir Jakhar among others.

Yadav said the book was a compilation of various reports on farm activities and developments occurred in the past four-and-a-half years of the BJP government's rule.

He said the conclusion in the book showed the Narendra Modi-led government has been "the most anti-farmer government" in the history of independent India.

"No government in the past has been pro- farmer.

However, the current government and its policies have opposed the farmers on all fronts--- ideological, administrative, with disdain for farmers," said Yadav during the panel discussion on the book.

"On drought relief, the central government had told the Supreme Court that it was not its job.

When prices (of crops) fell, it did not do anything. It carried out demonetisation, which had hurt farmers most. They are yet to recover (from aftershocks). No government has harmed farmers so much as this one."

Yadav is a part of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), which has been holding farm agitations for fair remunerative crop prices and farm loan waiver.

The AIKSCC has demanded Minimum Support Price (MSP) for 23 agriculture commodities based on the 'C2' input cost factor recommended by the Swaminathan Commission.

It has expressed its disapproval over the government's decision to use 'A2 +FL' factor citing lower remuneration.

During the panel discussion, Gulati expressed his reservations over the use of 'C2' factor for MSP fixation, saying it would affect the market, which works on demand-supply rule, and create a crisis.

He said he differed with Yadav that the BJP government had done nothing for the farmers.

Gulati sought the focus to move from price-policy to income-policy for sustainable agriculture.

The AIKSCC, which represents over 184 farm organisations across the country, is set to hold mega protest in the national capital on November 30.



Source: IANS