Book on business growth hacks launched, targets startups

New Delhi, Aug 22 : A book spelling out strategies to grow new businesses, "Master Growth Hacking", was launched at the India Habitat Centre (IHC) here on Wednesday.

Written by investor Apurva Chamaria and digital marketer Gaurav Kakkar, the book (Penguin/ Rs 599/ 307 pages) is a compilation of the growth case studies of 10 startups and their trade secrets.

Chamaria, who is the Chief Revenue Officer of hospitality and travel technology solutions company RateGain, told IANS the book "tells you how to grow fast, without spending a lot of money".

"The mantra is how you use analytics, creative marketing and digital engineering to drive growth," he explained.

The book offers advice on the "dos, don'ts, whys and hows" of growth hacking, and the tools and techniques associated with it.

According to Chamaria, the book has been written as a handy, inspirational guidebook for an aspirational crowd, and paints it as a "combination of both stories of startup founders and what someone new could do".

In response to "what goes into making a publishing decision", Penguin Random House India Editor-in-Chief Milee Ashwarya replied that concept of the book and profile of the author are the key factors.

Chamaria has previously authored "You Are The Key", which he said is about building a personal brand through social media.



Source: IANS