Brazil launches Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Brasilia, Dec 17 : The Brazilian government has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus since the country currently accounts for the world's third highest infection tally and the second largest death toll.

"Today we are launching a communication campaign in two phases," Xinhua news agency quoted Secretary of Health Surveillance Arnaldo Medeiros as saying while presenting the National Covid-19 Vaccination Plan at the presidential headquarters here on Wednesday.

The campaign aims to reassure the population about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines approved by national health regulator Anvisa, he said.

The first phase "intends to enlighten the population about the efficacy of the vaccines the country is going to use, as well as our operational capacity to distribute them", Medeiros noted.

"The second phase will occur during vaccination and will serve to summon the groups to be vaccinated to the vaccination points," he added.

Officials have designed an app that can be downloaded to smartphones for easy consultation as part of the campaign.

"You can download the application for free," said Medeiros, adding "what we want is an immunized Brazil".

The plan will prioritise some 50 million people considered to be in high-risk groups, such as the elderly and healthcare workers.

At the same event on Wednesday, Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said Brazil has the necessary infrastructure to deliver vaccines to all parts of the country in a short time, thanks to the country's robust public healthcare system.

As of Thursday morning, Brazil's coronavirus caseload has increased to 7,040,608 and the death toll stood at 183,735.



Source: IANS