Brie Larson confirmed as Captain Marvel

London, July 25 : Confirming speculations, Marvel has come up with yet another surprise for its superhero lovers by announcing the lead actress of its first solo female superhero movie.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel studios, while clicking a selfie during the Comic-Con introduced Brie Larson as the newest member of the gang and confirmed her role as Captain Marvel, reports the Independent.

The Oscar-winner actress, who has already enthralled the audience with her performance in 'Room' and 'Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs.

the World', is now ready to shine in the role of Carol Danvers, the talented test pilot in the famous Marvel movie.

Danvers will in the movie gain super-strength, the ability to fly and an energy pulse that she can shoot from her hands after becoming exposed to the alien DNA.

Making the announcement on twitter, the 26-year-old-actress wrote, "Call me Captain Marvel BOOM!!!!!!." On a related note, the script of the upcoming movie is currently being written by Nicole Perlman, Though the director is not yet decided, speculation are rife that Marvel is apparently keen for a female director.