Britain to provide 750m aid to Afghanistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], Oct. 3 : The United Kingdom has announced that it would give 750million (USD 980 million) to Afghanistan for improving health, education and security in the country.

Aid agencies welcomed this help by UK which would be spent over the three years and will particularly focus on helping women and girls in the war-ravaged country.

UK's secretary of state for international development, Preeti Patel writing exclusively in The Independent said the boost would not only reduce misery and suffering in the world, but would also serve Britain's interests by stabilizing the country.

"The UK's presence in Afghanistan over the last decade has helped improve security and prevent it from once again becoming a base of operations for global terrorists that would threaten the streets of Britain, " the Tolo News quoted her as saying.

She, however, said huge challenges remain - not least the continuing threat from the Taliban. "That is why the UK will commit up to 750m, from the aid budget, to Afghanistan between 2017 and 2020 to help create a more stable country and improve people's lives - particularly for women and girls," she added.

Apart from spending on health and education services, the aid would contribute to the urgent United Nation flash appeal towards helping protect internally displaced people who have fled their homes.

Meanwhile, the HALO Trust, which helps to clear land mines and explosives, hailed the move..

Source: ANI