Brogues, monk strap: Must-have formal shoes for men

New Delhi, May 27 : With innumerable types and designs of footwear available for men, it becomes quite difficult as which ones to own and not.

Brogues, monk strap shoes with no lacing and loafers are some of the must-have formal shoes, suggest experts.

Sunil Mehra, Founder and Director at Sunil Mehra and Tabby Bhatia, Director at, have given few inputs:

* Brogues: One of the most versatile shoe that comes in various shapes and designs, brogues are a kind of low heeled shoes with decorative perforations called 'broguing' that forms a 'W' like design at its capping.

This particular shoe has been a mainstay for the contemporary gent.

Team a classic brown leather brogue with a button down shirt and a trouser for formal occasions.

Pair it up with dark denim jeans for a more relaxed look.

* Monk strap: A shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap, this particular shoe is recommended for fashion aficionados who like to experiment in their styling.

In simple terms, it can be defined as closed sandals without laces.

A single monk strap fits perfect for formal occasions whereas a dual strapped monk shoe is better suited for parties and weddings accentuating the whole look.

* Oxfords: Oxfords are formal shoes with laces that are characterised by open lace system.

Invariably, they have gained a wide popularity at workplaces. A classic pair of Oxfords in autumnal shades of black, brown and tan can carry you through almost all the formal occasions including official meetings, job interviews and even weddings.

However with the increasing demand, colours like burgundy and navy blue are also coming into foreplay.

* Derby shoes: These pair of footwear are another kind that are likely to be found in every man's closet.

They come with a closed lace up system. The versatility and comfort factor of Derby shoes makes them a go to choice for every formal outfit. These kinds of shoes are ideal for all official gatherings and office parties too.

* Loafers: Loafers are lace-less and low heeled shoes.

They are timeless and always go with men's fashion quotient. They are quite versatile and come in various styles ranging from tassel loafers, kiltie loafers to penny loafers.

Be it a pre-wedding shoot or a wedding reception, one can flaunt their looks by pairing loafers in unusual tones of olive green, burgundy and blue with formal suits teamed with crisp shirts and tie.



Source: IANS