Build a school for us on 5-acre land in Ayodhya: Salim Khan

New Delhi, Nov 9 : Legendary scriptwriter and film producer Salim Khan said on Saturday that a school should be built on the proposed 5-acre land in Ayodhya, to be given to the Muslims.

Reacting to Supreme Court's verdict on Ayodhya dispute, Salim Khan (83) said Muslims in India desperately need schools, not a mosque.

Welcoming Supreme Court's historic verdict on Ayodhya dispute, Salim Khan, father of three Bollywood stars Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz, said that two virtues of Islam as described by Prophet are love and forgiveness.

"So now after 'The-End' of this story (Ayodhya dispute), Muslims should adhere to these two virtues and march forward.

Mohabbat zahir kariye aur maaf kariye (show love and forgive). Do not rewind, recap such issues now...just move ahead from here," said Salim Khan.

The renowned story writer, who in the early seventies formed the iconic Salim-Javed duo along with his friend Javed Akhtar, is of the view that in the past couple of decades, Indian society has matured.

"The manner in which peace and harmony is being maintained, after the announcement of such a sensitive verdict, is commendable.

Let's accept...a very old dispute has been settled. From core of my heart, I welcome the decision, " Salim Khan told IANS.

"Muslims should not discuss this (Ayodhya dispute).

Instead, they should discuss their basic problems and try to find out solutions. The reason why I am saying that is we need schools and hospitals... why I am suggesting that is it would be better if we build a college at the alternative 5-acre land, to be provided in Ayodhya for building a mosque.

Hume Masjid ki zaroorat nhi. Namaz to hum kahin bhi padh lenge...train me, plane me, zameen par, kahin bhi padh lenge (we can offer namaz anywhere, in train, plane or on the floor).

But we need better schools. Talim achhi milegi 22 crore musalmano ko, toh is desh kee bahut si kamiyan khatam ho jayengi (if 22 crore Muslims get good education, then many problems of this counrty would be solved)" he added.

The octogenarian film writer who pioneered the Bollywood block buster formula, said Prime Minister Modi is laying stress on peace.

"I agree with the PM, we really need peace today. We need peace to focus on our objectives. We have to think of our future. We should realise that better future exists for those who are educated in a better way. The real issue is that Muslims are not so well in taleem (education).So I would repeat that let us say 'The-End' (for Ayodhya issue) and make a new beginning," said Salim Khan, also respected for his talks and ideas on social issues affecting the people in India.

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Source: IANS