Bullion India, an innovative alteration

Mumbai [India], Oct.25 (ANI-Businesswire India): There is a silver lining to the decline in gold prices: A five-week long fall in the prices of gold leading into the festive season has come in handy for Indians waiting to spend.

A clear sign that buyers are back is the increase in sales being witnessed across the bullion and jewellery industry.

With a view to provide an easy and convenient way to buy gold and silver, Bullion India has created a unique space for such purchases.

It provides an opportunity to own Gold and Silver at smaller quantities making it the most affordable retail platform for customers.

The customer can buy as low as 0.1 gram gold and 1 gram silver. The gold and silver bought from Bullion India can be used to shop for coins, bars and jewellery on Bullion India website or from any empanelled jeweller across India.

The list of these jewellers is available on the website. With Diwali around the corner, Bullion India is offering silver coin for free on buying Gold coin. "Gold prices were on a high, which resulted in many buyers postponing their purchases for the Diwali season.

We should see good buying as the prices have come down," said Sachin Kothari, Director, Bullion India.

Buying Gold and Silver through our portal facilitates price transparency, safety, security as well as convenience of buying, selling or holding and granting easy access to use the gold and silver to shop for jewellery.

What marks as an outstanding reliable certainty is that the Gold and Silver are stored in secured vault that is controlled and monitored by an independent trustee i.e.

IDBI. By connecting large network of retail outlets of empanelled jewelers, Bullion India will be able to offer access to multiple locations across India.

The articles shopped will be delivered at the customer's doorstep with no hassle which enhances the process efficiently.

(ANI-Businesswire India).

Source: ANI