‘Burn,’ ‘Cries,’ ‘Veins’- some of most metal words in existence

London, Aug 4: You might be a complete 'metal-head,' head-banging to massive sound and highly amplified distortion, but do you know what the most metal words in existence are? A data science blogger has created a working list of the 20 most metal words in the world, after analysing over 2,00,000 songs and by digging deep into english language, reports the Independent.

He initially published his findings in late April, but only now has his project come to light and it throws up some surprising results.

'Burn' came out top, joined in the list by its hell-themed cousins 'flames' and 'ashes', followed by 'cries' and 'veins.' Unsurprisingly, 'demons' and 'beast' came higher than 'gods' and 'pray.' To get the data, he mined website 'Dark Lyrics,' which features a database of 222,623 songs from 7364 rock and metal bands spread over 22,314 albums.

He then cross-referenced his findings with the 'Brown Corpus,' a collection of documents published in 1961, covering a range of different genres and totalling roughly one million words.

In combining statistics to show the frequency of words in both sources, he believes he has determined the "metalness" of each word.

Here's the top 20 in full: 1. Burn, 2. Cries, 3. Veins, 4. Eternity, 5. Breathe, 6. Beast, 7. Gonna, 8. Demons, 9. Ashes, 10. Soul, 11. Sorrow, 12. Sword. 13. Goodbye, 14. Dreams, 15. Gods, 16. Pray, 17. Reign, 18. Tear, 19. Flames, 20. Scream..

Source: ANI