Bus commuters continue to remain stranded as DTC protest intensifies

New Delhi, Oct 30 : Thousands of commuters in Delhi continued to remain stranded on Tuesday as DTC contractual drivers and conductors intensified their protest by going on a hunger strike.

Although there was no major shutdown of services, the commuters on many routes had to wait for hours for a bus.

A 29-year-old media professional, who takes a bus to Noida Sector 16, said she has to wait for at least 40 minute before an over-crowded bus arrives.

"Even if the bus arrives, it is so crowded that you can't even get in.

Because of the protest and over-crowded buses, we are not able to use Metro cards to get a ticket...," she told IANS.

The Delhi government and the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), on the other hand, said the 'out-shedding' of buses on Tuesday was better than Monday.

"The out-shedding on Monday was 89 per cent and on Tuesday, it was 94 per cent," DTC Chairman said.

The Delhi government has also conceded to DTC contractual workers' demand of restoring old wages, which were earlier decreased due to a High Court decision.

However, the contractual workers are also demanding same pay for same work.

"We do not want them to just restore old wages.

We are not labours, we are employees and we want to be treated as such," a source in the DTC contractual employees told IANS.

Other demands of the contractual workers include the return of eight of their terminated workers and job security.

The agitated protestors said that they will continue their strike until their demands are met by the government.

"This is our ninth day and no one from the government or the DTC has come to talk to us. We have been sending them notices, but to no avail," President of the contractual workers employees said.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government called the protest "illegal" as it violates the Essential Services and Maintenance Act.



Source: IANS