Bus counter payments go digital as Travelyaari ties-up with Paytm, Reliance Jio

New Delhi [India], Nov 15 : Travelyaari, the paradigm-changing online bus booking platform, has announced a tie-up with Paytm and Reliance Jio for offline payment integration.

The platform, which offers solutions to both travelers as well as bus operators, is bringing cash-free payments to all its customers at select inter-city offline counters.

At present, 2000 operators across 10000 branches are on board at Travelyaari. Customers can pay for their tickets using either of the mobile wallets and avail of several cash-back incentives.

This venture by Travelyaari is a game-changer for the procedure of purchasing bus tickets, as the sector has remained dominated by cash even after the advent of digital payments through credit and debit cards.

Now with the association between the three organisations, the entire experience is set to become seamless and swifter.

Payment option integrated in the ERP system available with operators will enable cashless transaction at offline bus counters.

This means that ticket counter staff will no longer have to face the hassles of dealing with loose change, and the payment process will be sped up considerably.

Waiting in slow-moving, long queues will soon be a thing of the past as travelers can use either Paytm or the JioMoney app to dispense the exact amount required to book bus tickets.

This digitization will also provide a record of the transactions, without charging a transaction fee. "Travelyaari has been successfully disrupting the bus reservation sector through leveraging technology to provide reliable services and end-to-end ticketing solutions.

The focus of the platform is to constantly innovate and make the process of ticketing simpler and more streamlined.

Our association with Paytm and Reliance Jio is also aimed towards providing our customers with the best travel experience possible.

Through enabling customers to make cashless payments at offline counters using digital wallets, we are prioritizing convenience and commuting ease," said Travelyaari spokesperson, Aurvind Lama.

"With this use case, Paytm and Travelyaari have achieved a breakthrough in bringing digital payments to the unreserved bus ticketing sector.

This is only a sneak peek into how the convenience of Mobile Wallets can revolutionize the transport sector," said Spokesperson at Paytm.

"The mobile application JioMoney was conceived with the aim to empower individuals to make payments anytime and anywhere.

At Jio, we endeavor to provide our customers with a completely digital and cash-free experience no matter where they are.

Our association with Travelyaari allows us to offer the services of our payment app to travelers in India and make their bus journey smoother," said a spokesperson at Reliance Jio.

With its latest partnership with Paytm and Reliance Jio, Travelyaari has made a significant contribution to the creation of digital India, and has taken yet another step in the direction of building a transparent, robust, digitalized ticketing landscape.

Source: ANI