BYJU announces ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative for employees’ well-being

Bengaluru, Oct 10 : Leading ed-tech startup BYJU on Saturday announced the launch of its wellness initiative -- 'BYJU's Let's Talk' -- where its employees will be able to access 24X7, one-on-one online counselling via chat on real-time, telephonic or video counselling appointments with an expert.

They will also get free access to self-assessment tests and wellness resources.

The initiative aims at prioritising mental and emotional health and sensitising employees with the concept of counselling.

"We are hoping that with the 'BYJU'S Let's Talk' initiative we can contribute to fostering conversations around mental health and well-being of people," said Pravin Prakash, BYJU's Chief People's Officer.

With the 'Let's Talk' initiative, BYJUites can log in to the platform and select the therapist, based on the issue and take the session forward, according to the company.

The platform said they will have access to counselling services in more than 20 Indian languages, quarterly aggregated reports, stress assessment tests, online webinars and various communication initiatives.

"The pandemic has upended our daily lives.

We understand this and are committed to prioritising mental and emotional health -- just as we prioritise other aspects of our employees' well-being," Prakash added.



Source: IANS