Cabinet approves forming ‘circle office’ to monitor safety in railways

New Delhi, Dec 15 : The government on Friday approved the creation of one circle office of Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) to carry out the functions of rail safety -- which includes inspecting new railway lines and safety of passengers.

The decision was taken as envisaged in the "Metro Railways (Operations and Maintenance) Act, 2002", under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and was approved during a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"The Cabinet also allowed assigning of additional charge of two circles to two existing Commissioners of Railway safety (CRSs) who will exercise their powers within their existing jurisdiction.

These circles will not be under the jurisdiction of CMRS, New Delhi," a government statement read.

"Creation of these posts will ensure focused attention on the passenger safety and metro rail operation related issues, in respect of existing, as well as upcoming various metro rail projects."

The Commission of Railway Safety, working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, deals with the matters pertaining to safety of rail travel and train operation and is charged with certain statutory functions laid down in the Railway Act, 1989.



Source: IANS