Cafe Coffee Day’s new over the top sundaes will end every sweet craving you ever had

New Delhi [India], June 12 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Sundaes have become synonymous with celebration since its launch in 1881.

It could be a family get-together, a meet-up with long lost friends or an impromptu party for having aced the exams; sundaes have added sweetness to a lot of occasions.

Also, it's not like you always need a reason to treat yourself to this delightful dessert. Sometimes you just want to indulge your sweet tooth or add that dose of excitement to a slow day, and what better than a sundae to do this for you! A new range of sundaes that is sure to transport you to sundae heaven is Cafe Coffee Day's new overloaded and super delicious 'Over The Top Sundaes' with 'Toffee Surprise', 'Cocoa Mocha', 'Rasgulla Royale' and 'Cocoa Fudge'.

The four sundaes are full right to the brim with generous scoops of ice-cream, rich sauces, nuts, cookies, whipped cream, popcorn and hot fudge and more.

They are creamy, superior in texture and a sheer delight for your taste buds. Let's start with Cocoa Mocha that brings together two all-time favorites - cocoa and coffee - and ups the yum quotient by several notches.

Take cocoa fudge with an espresso twist on top of a crunchy cookie base. Top that with two scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream, a crispy choco-stick and you have a mouth-watering concoction right in front of you! Link: Toffee Surprise Sundae is a combination of rich vanilla ice-cream on honey oat cookies, butterscotch nuts, toffee sauce, and Caramel popcorn, frothy whipped cream and a choco-stick.

Did your eyes just light up? If you have a weakness for Bengali sweets, then the Rasgulla Royale Sundae is just for you.

It serves the classic roshogulla with three generous scoops of ice-cream, rich rasmalai syrup with frothy whipped cream, almond flakes, and a choco-stick.

This king-sized sundae sounds like the perfect tribute to one of India's much-loved mithais. Next up is Cocoa Fudge. This is a mixture of rich cocoa fudge and vanilla ice-cream with a layer of cocoa. Giving it that summer twist is mango juice with frothy whipped cream. A sprinkling of almond flakes and a choco-stick makes this sundae even more delectable. Speaking on the new sundaes VenuMadhav, CEO, Cafe Coffee Day said, "All through the summer to the special rainy months ahead, the sundae appeal at CCD reaches a new high with the well-crafted, all new 'Over The Top Sundaes''.

Loaded with extra scoops, the four sundaes - Rasgulla Royale, Cocoa Mocha, Toffee Surprise and Cocoa Fudge have that little extra one can look forward to at their favorite CCD.

Dessert specialists from Italy and India brought their 'best in dessert love and expertise' forward to create these offerings.

After all, there's always something new brewing at Cafe Coffee Day." So head to your nearest Cafe Coffee Day, pick your favorite sundae and before you finish it off, make sure you Instagram a few pictures.

After all, it's always a good idea to spread delight! (ANI-BusinessWireIndia).

Source: ANI