Can’t save humanity until we fight out terrorism, punish those supporting it: PM Modi

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), Oct 11 : Dubbing terrorism as an "enemy of humanity", Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called for combating the menace unitedly.

Addressing a gathering at Aishbagh Ramleela Ground in Lucknow, Prime Minister Modi asserted, We cannot save humanity unless we fight out terrorism collectively.

There is an urgent need to uproot and punish the elements that promote and indulge in terrorist activities.

"This festival is about the victory of good over evil and terrorism is an enemy of humanity. Everyone needs to speak in one voice against terrorism. So, when we burn Ravana, we should remember that humanity can't be saved unless we fight out terrorism together," said Prime Minister Modi.

"Elements involved in terrorist activities should be uprooted and destroyed. And, at the same time, the powers backing terrorist activities should be punished," he added. Prime Minister further said from the times of Lord Ram our nation has been fighting terrorism as it was Jatayu (a demi-god who had the form of a Vulture), who fought the first fight against terrorism by trying to save Sita when she was being abducted by Ravana.

"Ramayana stands a witness that the first fighter against terrorism was Jataayu, who fought for a woman's honour, Even if all of us can't be Lord Ram, we can all try to be Jataayu, and keep terrorism at the bay," said the Prime Minister.

Hinting that New Delhi will consider all measures to fight out terrorism, the Prime Minister added that India is also the land of Krishna, who with his 'Sudranshan Chakra' ended evils.

"This is the nation of 'Chakradhrai Mohan and the land of Buddha. We believe in peace, but if needed we can fight against the evil as well," said Prime Minister Modi. "If you think that we are free from terrorism, then you are wrong. It is a virus affecting our society," he added..

Source: ANI