Capillary Technologies acquires SellerWorx to strengthen product portfolio

New Delhi [India], Oct 4 : Capillary Technologies, an Omni-channel Engagement and Commerce Platform company has announced that it has acquired Sellerworx, to fortify its omni-channel product portfolio.

Sellerworx is an omni-channel order and marketplace management product company enabling brands and retailers to become successful on online marketplaces.

The company provides cloud based software for retailers and provides e-commerce business incubation and support.

From listing and cataloging to optimizing inventory across multiple channels, Sellerworx has a suite of tools and services which enable retailers to leverage online marketplaces.

The key outcomes Sellerworx drives are one touch access to online marketplaces, single view of inventory across channels and orchestrated multi-channel order fulfillment.

Priceworx product, which has intelligent pricing algorithm using the sellers are able to set different pricing strategies based on business rules to maximize profits or revenue.

"We are an Asia-focused Omni-channel Engagement and Commerce Platform company bellwether committed to solve the present and future problems (opportunities) for retailers and brands.

Our aim is to help our clients increase online revenue channels alongside the offline business growth we currently help with.

A year ago we had a bunch of products in consumer engagement space," said CEO and Co-founder Capillary Technologies, Aneesh Reddy.

"We acquired MartJack to help brands to go omni-channel. We have done better than expected in this possibility with multimillion USD revenue addition in a year's time," added Reddy.

"We weighed different options to build v/s buy. To go full steam in the burgeoning market, time to market is key and we wanted to launch this product as quickly as we can.

On other hand, we evaluated Sellerworx product and met the team who has tremendous knowledge in this space.

Finally, we have decided to acquire Sellerworx," he added. "Capillary-Sellerworx is a great match of vision, culture and product proposition. This unique combination helps us fully meet requirements of enterprises in building integrated, scalable and robust omni-channel businesses.

With Capillary's enviable list of customers, the acquisition will help Sellerworx accelerate deployment of its products across countries enabling businesses leverage demand generation ability of online marketplaces," said CEO and Co-founder Sellerworx, Venkat.

Firstly from e-commerce perspective, brands / retailers can scale online sales and reach the five ten percent online sales/overall sales benchmark-through seamlessly getting access to marketplaces along with own brand store front.

Overall, retailers can increase customer reach, engagement, sales, LTV across in-store, web, mobile, mobile app, social and marketplace channels.

Source: ANI