CEA considering Time of Day metering for EVs: Official

Kolkata, Feb 23 : The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) is considering Time of Day metering for the purpose of charging of electric vehicles (EVs), an official said here on Friday.

"When you have surplus power, you use it for EVs.

One is going to have lot of solar power during daytime when there are no peak hours. We are considering Time of Day metering for this (charging of electric vehicles)," CEA's Principal Chief Engineer Sandesh Sharma said, adding that regulatory push would be needed for that.

"When rationalisation and simplification of tariff has been talked, there may be one more category (of tariff) for electric vehicles," he said on the sidelines of an interactive session here organised by CII.

According to Sharma, West Bengal and Tripura have been supplying power to the tune of 500 megawatt to neighbouring Bangladesh and this is going to increase over the years.

A private power plant is also being built in Jharkhand for the supply of power to Bangladesh.

"It (power supply to Bangladesh from India) is going to increase as in Bangladesh, they do not have enough generation capacity," he said.

Guidelines of cross-border trade of electricity have already been released and the regulation regarding this is under "draft-condition", he added.

Suggestions were sought on the "Draft Conduct of Business Rules (CBR)" of the designated authority for facilitating cross-border trade of electricity.



Source: IANS