Censure motion if Pragya doesn’t apologise: Cong on Godse remark

New Delhi, Nov 28 : The Congress is determined to bring a censure motion against BJP MP Pragya Thakur for her controversial remark on Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse.

Thakur's comments on Godse made during the discussion over the Special Protection Group (SPG) Bill in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, had to be expunged later.

Senior Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor told IANS that he has drafted an application and will soon discuss with other opposition parties -- who stand united -- to confront Pragya Thakur for her remark calling Godse "a patriot".

"We have sought an urgent apology from Pragya Thakur for her remark, failing which so we are left with no option but to initiate a censure motion," Tharoor said

The Opposition is disturbed over Pragya Thakur episode.

The remark has also not gone down well with the members of the ruling party, as well.

Censure is an expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism. In parliamentary procedure, it is a debatable main motion that could be adopted by a majority vote.

Thakur on Wednesday sparked row with an interjection during DMK leader A.

Raja's reference to Godse in Lok Sabha, which was later expunged from the record.

The issue later triggered a protest by the Opposition.

Raja had cited a statement on Godse on why he killed Gandhi during a discussion on the Special Protection Group (Amendment) Bill, 2019, to which Thakur reacted.



Source: IANS