Centre inflicting financial chaos on nation, says Congress

New Delhi [India], Nov.18 : Responding to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's assertion that the government will not roll back demonetisation, the Congress party on Friday accused the former of inflicting financial chaos on the nation.

Congress leader Anand Sharma told ANI, "We did not ask the government to roll back demonetisation, we have urged them to provide sufficient money to the people of the nation.

The poor and the marginalised are suffering because of this. The Centre has inflicted financial chaos on the country. It is a body blow to the Indian economy. The Indian economy is primarily driven by cash-based transactions, and that's not black money." On Thursday, in an interview given to ANI, Jaitley said there was no question of withdrawing demonetisation as it is aimed at purifying the Indian economy.

"Let me clear it.the AAP and the TMC have demanded a rollback of demonetisation. There is no question of rolling it back. This is a clear decision of the government and the Prime Minister to purify the economic situation of the country.

We will remain firm on this," Jaitley said..

Source: ANI