Centre slams Omar Abdullah, says he is exposing his true self

Delhi [India], May 25 : Slamming former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah for calling the Indian Army's inquiry into 'human shield' case a farce, Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Thursday said that the ones protesting over the issue are actually exposing their true selves.

Singh lauded Major Leetul Gogoi for doing a great honour and for which each patriotic Indian takes immense pride.

"We are eternally indebted to the Indian Army and by honouring Major Gogoi, we have expressed our reverence to all that the Indian Army has been doing for us since years," Singh told ANI.

Hitting out at the diplomacy of the Kashmir leaders, Singh said that till the time they are in power, they swear by India, but as soon as they are dethroned, they start questioning the status of Kashmir.

Singh further said that such duplicity is not going to last for long. "These are the same people, who if you make Chief Minister tomorrow, will start searing by India, by Kashmir as part of India.

They would also go to the extent of advocating that India should bombard terror camps in Pakistan, as they did during their earlier chief ministerial tenures.

But, the moment they are shunted out of power, they lose their equanimity and start questioning the status of Kashmir," Singh said.

Showing faith in the people of the Valley, the Union Minister said the youth there want to be a part of the developmental journey led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"The common people of Srinagar, youth of Srinagar want to come out of this turmoil. But, these handful of 'vardis' want to keep the Kashmir pot boiling, but I am sure they will not succeed in misguided attempt," he said.

Yesterday, Omar dubbed the Army's court of inquiry against Major Leetul Gogoi for tying a man to his jeep as a 'human shield' a 'farce'.

"In future pls don't bother with the farce of a military court of inquiry. Clearly the only court that matters is the court of public opinion (sic)," he tweeted. "And international conventions like the Geneva/Vienna ones only count when India can accuse others of violations.

Do as we say not as we do," he added. His remarks came in the backdrop of Gogoi's honouring by Army chief General Bipin Rawat recently with a 'Commendation Card' "for his sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations.

Source: ANI