Centre’s decision on Separatists should be celebrated: Activist

New Delhi [India], Apr. 29 : Social activist from Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday welcomed the Central Government's decision of ruling out dialogues with separatist leaders who talks of 'Azaadi' and freedom.

Social activist from Jammu and Kashmir, Sushil Pandit, while speaking to ANI, emphasized that the central government's realisation must be celebrated by the nation.

"It is a welcoming realisation from the centre and the entire nation must celebrate it," said Pandit. Earlier on Friday, reacting to the Supreme Court orders, wherein it asked the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) to take to various stakeholders and consider their opinion in connection with the plea against the use of pellet guns in the state, the Centre categorically said that it would not talk to the separatist leaders and those who talk of 'Azaadi' and freedom.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, top law officer, representing the Centre, made this statement to the apex court.

JKHCBA was also asked to assure the top court that no stone pelting would be committed in the future, if they wanted prohibition against the use of pellet guns.

The apex court had earlier asked the Centre to consider effective means, other than use of pellet guns to quell stone pelting mobs in Jammu and Kashmir, as it concerns life and death.

The Kashmir High Court Bar Association (KHBA) had earlier alleged that the pellet guns were being 'misused'.

The case was filed in the wake of the several lives lost during last year unrest in the Kashmir Valley.

Around 78 people lost their lives and over 100 people were injured, several critically, in Jammu and Kashmir last year, due to the use of pellet guns, JKHCBA claimed in its petition.

The division bench of the Supreme Court had, in December last year, admitted the petition for hearing and directed the Central Government to submit the report of the team of experts, constituted on the use of pellet guns, before the court.

Source: ANI