‘Chaiwala’ Modi will run away with nation’s money like a ‘feriwalla’: Mamata

New Delhi [India], Dec. 5: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come as a chaiwala (tea seller) and would run away with the nation's money like a 'feriwala' (rag picker).

"It is a financial crisis in Delhi today, people are being forcefully bulldozed. Many people have died while standing in long queues. We all are against black money. Soon days will come when people will be left without money-- neither even new nor old notes. Prime Minister has come as 'chaiwala' and might run away as 'feriwala' with a pocket full of money," Banerjee said in the assembly.

Banerjee further said that there should be an investigation on whoever goes abroad with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and why doesn't he take themedia along with him.

"Why is the Prime Minister giving ads for Pay tm? Have we ever seen any Prime Minister giving ads to a private company? Only for this issue, Prime Minister Modi should resign.

In Bengal Rs. 500 notes are not available. But in Patna it is available. In Uttar Pradesh, there are no Rs. 500 notes. Why is there discrimination? " she asked. The West Bengal Chief Minister added that, "the states which are supporting him are getting notes. In 21 days, 21 new decisions have been made. He is Big Bazaar's big boss.".

Source: ANI