Chennai’s Daniel Sundar attempts to break Guinness ironing record

Chennai, Aug. 25 : Chennai's Daniel Sundar on Thursday started a non-stop ironing marathon in a bid to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sundar will attempt to iron 2100 garments in 101 hours to break the Guinness World Record held by UK's Gareth Sanders who ironed 2000 garments in 100 hours.

"I am going to break the record of Gareth Sanders. He is from England. He ironed for 100 hours and ironed 2,000 garments. I am going to break the 100 hours as well as the garments," Sundar told ANI. "I am proud to do this for blind children. There are more blind children in India. We have to give them sight. The responsibility goes to each and every Indian," he added. Gareth Sanders achieved the record in 2015 by ironing non-stop for 100 hours to break the previous record held by Australia's Janette Hastings, who ironed 1,157 items in 80 hours in 2012.

Source: ANI