Chidamabaram dubs demonetisation as biggest scam of the year, calls for probe

Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], Dec. 13 : Dubbing the Centre's demonetisation move as "the biggest scam of the year", Congress leader and former finance minister P.

Chidambaram on Tuesday called for an investigation of the note ban. "This is the biggest scam of the year and must be investigated. What is the justification for introducing 2,000 rupee note? I cannot get a Rs. 2,000 note. How have crores in Rs. 2,000 notes found their way to individuals being raided all over the country? What calculations did the government do to say that one can withdraw Rs.

24,000 a week when banks don't have enough cash to dispense," Chidambaram said. "Every bank says- no cash. So how is the government saying there is cash? This is why Dr Manmohan Singh said this is monumental mismanagement.

Why are district cooperative central banks kept out of this whole exercise? Keeping out district cooperative central banks is punishing farmers.

There is no money for them to buy supplies," he added. Chidambaram asserted that due to the demonetisation drive, the farmers are suffering as there is no money to buy seeds or to hire labour or buy fertilisers.

"45 crore people are dependent on daily wages. (they have been affected by demonetisation )Who is going to compensate them? Every major economist, newspaper in world has said that this is the most absurd of moves by the government," he added.

Chidambaram also defended the opposition's strategy in Parliament questioning why the Prime Minister should not be present in the House when a debate on demonetisation is on.

"How is it an unreasonable demand? Why shouldn't the PM be present in the House when we are discussing demonetisation? He should listen to us," he said.

Source: ANI