Children are more likely to read when they choose their own books: Study

New Delhi [India], Sept. 5 : 86 percent of children, between the age of six to 17 agree, "I would read more if I could find more books that I like," reveals a survey.

This study by Scholastic India released the findings of its first-ever Kids and Family Reading ReportTM, India Edition, a national survey of Indian children aged between six to 17 years and their parents, plus parents of children aged zero to five, aimed at exploring attitudes and behaviours around reading books for fun.

88 percent of boys and 86 percent of girls equally agree, "I would read more if I could find more books that I like." The majority of children, 81 percent, in this critical age group enjoy reading books for fun and more than three-quarters, 77 percent, of children believe reading books for fun is extremely or very important.

While the report also shares that 92 percent of children are reading books for fun at least once a week, only 32 percent are reading five to seven days a week.

Speaking on the report findings, Neeraj Jain, Managing Director of Scholastic India said, "The love of reading books can transform a child's prospects for success and the findings of the Kids and Family Reading Report, India Edition underscore the importance of reading for pleasure while also providing insight into how we can encourage even more children to read more frequently.

At Scholastic India, we believe in the power of choice when it comes to reading and we motivate children to read their choice of books because it helps them develop a love for reading as well as expand their knowledge and vocabulary.".

Source: ANI