Chile aims to boost kiwifruit exports to India

New Delhi, July 11 : Aiming to improve kiwifruit exports to India amid growing demand, the Chile fruit industry on Wednesday launched a campaign to increase trade and consumer awareness about the "superior quality" of Chilean kiwifruit in India.

According to the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee, the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile and the nation's commercial trade office- ProChile, the campaign will look at tapping market opportunities created by the rapid growth of this fruit's consumption in India.

Addressing the gathering, Charif Christian Carvajal, marketing Director for Asia of the ASOEX, said Chile was the third largest exporter of kiwifruit in the world and it had exported 5,309 tonne to India in 2017-18.

"This is the first time that the Chilean fruit industry will undertake promotional campaign in the Indian market.

This campaign includes the participation, and financing of producers and exporters of Chilean kiwifruit that export to this market," he said.

"Our efforts will include economic contributions from the major importers and distributors of kiwifruit in the Indian market."

The South American country exported 1,80,000 tonne of kiwifruit in 2017-18 -- 35 per cent to the US, 23 per cent to Europe and 18 per cent to Asian countries, he added.

Chile has 50 per cent advantage in tariffs compared to other countries that export this fruit to India owing to a 2017 bilateral agreement between these two countries.

Carolina Vasquez, Commercial Director of ProChile in India, said "Through this campaign our aim will be to promote our kiwifruit and also raise awareness about Chile as a unique supplier of an array of food products such as berries, nuts and seafood as well as creating a greater understanding of the benefits of the preferential trade agreement signed between Chile and India."

At the event, master chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Kavita Devgan spoke about the nutritional value and health benefits of the fruit and how it can be made a part of the daily diet.



Source: IANS