China celebrates International Yoga Day

Beijing, June 21 : China celebrated the 5th International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm on Friday as thousands of people performed postures of the ancient physical routine.

Yoga has gained immense popularity in China over the years with the government and the Indian Embassy promoting the discipline.

At an event in Beijing, Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri and diplomats from other countries, including Nepal's envoy to China, preformed various poses of yoga with hundred of people.

"Yoga represents aspirations of the people from India and is beneficial to work together in spirit of 'friendship and cooperation'," Misri said.

He highlighted that the growing popularity of yoga in China reflected not only the civilizational connect between India and China, but also the modern aspirations of "our people to work together in spirit of friendship and cooperation".

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on the significance of yoga for mankind was screened at the opening of the event.

Thousands turned up in various cities of China to celebrate the day.

The Indian Embassy in Beijing and consulates in other cities organised yoga events, well attended by people from all walks of life.

People in various Chinese cities like Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Guiyang also performed yoga.

There are 10,800 yoga schools in China and one India-China Yoga College at Yunnan Minzu University in Kunming.



Source: IANS