China defends Pak from PM Modi’s “mothership of terrorists” barb

Beijing [China], Oct. 18 : Continuing its policy of backing Pakistan, China defended its 'strategic ally' against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks dubbing Islamabad as "mothership of terrorists" Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday that though Beijing is committed to fight against terrorism it opposes the idea of linking terrorism to any specific country, ethnic group or religion.

When asked if Modi fairly characterized Pakistan, the spokeswoman said, "We oppose terrorism of all forms and maintain that terrorist threats tackled through enhanced international cooperation in order to uphold peace, security and development of various countries and the region.

We are also against linking terrorism to any specific country, ethnic group or religion." She said that both India and Pakistan are victims of terrorism.

And further went on to call upon the international community to 'respect the enormous efforts and sacrifices made by Pakistan in fighting terrorism.' Prime Minister Modi, while addressing the BRICS Summit on Sunday, launched a veiled attack at Pakistan saying, "Tragically, the mother-ship of terrorism is a country in India's neighbourhood." "Terrorism has become its favourite child and the child in turn has come to define the essential character and nature of its parents.

The time for condemning the state sponsored terrorism is long gone," he had said. Tensions have been ripe between India and Pakistan since the September 18 Uri army base attack in held Kashmir killed 19 Indian soldiers in the worst such assault in 14 years.

Source: ANI