Chinese intervention in India-Pak relations would not be welcomed, says foreign policy expert

New Delhi [India], Sept. 27 : Stating that China has not extended support to Pakistan when it really mattered in the past, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution India, Dhruva Jaishankar, on Tuesday said that China's intervention in reducing the hostile feelings and tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad would not be welcomed.

"If the past is any guide, China has not helped Pakistan when it really mattered, either in 1965, 1971, or 1999.

However, China is taking a much stronger position in support of Pakistan and has over the past couple of years invested much more economically, stepped up political support at multilateral organizations, even on the issue of terrorism," Jaishankar told ANI.

"So any Chinese intervention now would not be welcome, from New Delhi's point of view," he added. Jaishankar's view came a day after China denied having any knowledge of a senior diplomat assuring Pakistan that Beijing will back the country in case of a war with India.

Last week, the consul general of China in Lahore, Yu Boren, was quoted as saying that China will extend support to Pakistan in case of "foreign aggression" and that his country was on Islamabad's side in the Kashmir dispute.

When asked about Yu's categorical statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) brushed it aside. "I am not aware of the situation you mentioned," MFA spokesperson Geng Shuang said at the regular press briefing on Monday.

"China's position on the relevant issue is consistent and clear. As neighbour and friend to both Pakistan and India we hope the two countries will properly address their differences through dialogue and manage and control the situation besides jointly work for the peace and stability of South Asia and the growth of the region," Geng said.

China's reaction on Monday was the second time since September 22 that it distanced itself from Pakistan media attributing Beijing's support to Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

Source: ANI