Chris Hemsworth channels Thor in this ‘miracle’ b-ball shot!

New Delhi [India], Jan. 20 : Make way everyone, Thor has arrived! And besides beating the hell out of aliens and bad guys, he is also a mean basketball star.

Posting a clip on his Instagram account, Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth can be seen dressed in black shorts and a hoodie, at the end of a court with a basketball in his hand....clearly gearing up to sink in an impossible basket...aaaall the way at the other end of the court! Hemsworth then proceeds to fling the ball across the court with one, burly arm..and lo and behold! The mind-blowing shot is made. What you see next is nothing short of incredible and oh-so-cute, as Hemsworth starts running and rolling across the court, howling and clutching his head in clear disbelief of his amazing feat.

"Greatest day of my life #miracle photo cred @laithnakli thanks New Mexico Tech for the venue!", read the tweet captioning the awesome video.

Clearly....being the almighty Thor in 'reel life' sure can help one in reality!.

Source: ANI