CJI to lawyer: Better to sit in garden than in art gallery

New Delhi, Sep 28 : A lawyer on Monday was found seated in a garden to argue his matter, through video conferencing, before a bench headed by Chief Justice S.A.

Bobde. The Chief Justice said the backdrop of trees was better than being in an art gallery.

Since March 25, beginning of the lockdown, the apex court has been taking up cases through video conferencing.

In the virtual hearing, the lawyers argue the case from their respective offices or residences.

On Monday, when a matter came before a bench headed by the Chief Justice and also comprising Justices A.S Bopanna and V.Ramasubramanian, the bench noted trees and sky in the background of a lawyer arguing the matter.

The Chief Justice said: "Are you sitting in a garden?"

The advocate replied, "Yes".

The Chief Justice said, "Good, good! Better than sitting in an art gallery."

Justifying the arguing of the matter from the garden, the lawyer submitted before the bench that it was noisy indoors, therefore he chose to sit in the garden to argue the matter.

The Chief Justice said the lawyer made a good move. "Also, pleasant for us to look at", said the Chief Justice.

On August 31, the Supreme Court issued standard operating procedure (SOP) for proposed experimental physical hearing of cases on the request of various lawyers' bodies.

However, no date was put out in the SOPs for the resumption of physical hearing.

The SOP issued by secretary general Sanjeev S.Kalgaonkar had said: "On an experimental basis, and as a pilot scheme, physical hearing of matters may initially commence in three (3) courtrooms; eventually, a number of matters or the number of courtrooms may be increased or reduced, as the situation may warrant or permit."

In August, a seven-judge committee headed by Justice N.V.

Ramana took note of requests made by various lawyers' associations to resume physical hearing of the cases on an experimental basis while adhering to safety guidelines.



Source: IANS