Clarification on ANI story: Khalistan could only exist in Pakistan

New Delhi [India], Apr 19 : This is with regard to our story titled "Khalistan could only exist in Pakistan" carried by ANI on April 18, 2017.

The said story was carried out on the basis of public domain inputs of discussion on a book titled "Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan" by author Amardeep Singh during its presentation at the fifth Islamabad Literature Festival in Pakistan.

In his book, the author has pointed out that 80 percent of the Sikh empire existed in what is Pakistan today.

On the basis of the facts of history stated by the author, the article offered a counter narrative of the concept of Khalistan by interpreting the book against the basis of the Khalistan movement.

The author has clarified that the book is purely historical in nature and context, written against the backdrop of humanity and heritage.

It is devoid of any political agenda. The author has penned the excellently researched book with the sole intention of highlighting the heritage of the Sikhs as a part of his focus on discovering and documenting legacies of all communities that were impacted by partition in 1947.

Source: ANI