Colin Trevorrow promises ‘satisfying’ finale to new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy

London [UK], June 12 : Colin Trevorrow is the Hollywood's latest man to handle the big franchises. First, it was 2015s reboot of 'Jurassic' franchise, 'Jurassic World' and now he is all set to direct Episode IX of possibly the biggest movie franchises ever, 'Star Wars'.

According to The Independent, the 40-year-old director in a recent interview with Screenrant, has promised that Episode IX will be an "emotionally resonant" finale to new trilogy.

He said, "I mean, these are the best minds available and everybody's engaged in making sure this is the most satisfying and emotionally resonant conclusion that we can possibly deliver." The 'Jurassic World' helmer also shared that he is lucky to have such brilliant producers and creative minds on the project.

"The process of Star Wars began way back in August of 2015 when I looked at what J.J. and Rian had done. And I'm very fortunate that I'm surrounded by some really, really brilliant producers and brilliant creative minds - Kiri Hart and the Lucasfilm story group and my producer [Michelle] Rejwan and Kathy Kennedy and also J.J.

and Rian, Larry Kasdan," shared Trevorrow. Trevorrow has always been a big fan of 'Star Wars' and has grown up obsessed with these movies. The director noted, "I was a Star Wars kid, that's all I thought about and that's all I engaged in. I'm going to give 120 percent of myself, I will be a shell and I will wander the Earth barefoot for the rest of my life.

So at least they know I'm laying myself on the line for it." On a related note, Colin Trevorrow is writing 'Episode IX' with Derek Connolly, and it is set for a May 24, 2019, release.

Source: ANI