Combining traditional, modern technology for accurate agri forecast: Official

New Delhi, Dec 20 : The government plans to combine traditional and modern technology for "more sophisticated" analysis and "accurate" agriculture forecasts, a senior officials said on Wednesday.

The the technology of acreage, yield estimation with satellite imagery was possible through a small hand-held device, Statistics (and) Programme Implementation Secretary T.C.A.

Anant said after inaugurating an ASSOCHAM conference on geospatial technologies in India, as per a release.

When acreage is recorded and crop cutting experiments are done, farmers will get not only the estimates but the geospatial coordinates as well, he said.

"It is a question of working with all the state officials and there is huge administrative machinery out in the districts to adopt it, that is one work which is going on," said Anant, as per the release.

Anant, who is also the Chief Statistician of India, said the government had entered into partnership with National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) to modernise the system of developing urban sample frames.

"The advantage of this is that it is updated much more frequently than any physical ground survey system could have done," he said.

As the technology gets more deeply embedded, it will help in further improving the quality of forecasts in agriculture, he added.

Anant said the government had plans to bring data available on different websites in a standerdised manner.



Source: IANS