Complement handloom saris in winter with silver jewellery

New Delhi, Jan 14 : Drape yourself in thickly woven silks that not just exude a festive fervour but also lend a warmth that keeps you cosy in winter.

Choose the right jewellery to complement the attire, suggest experts.

Tarang Arora, Creative Director at Amrapali Jewels and Vinutha Subramanian, Director at Parisera, have listed the different saris and and jewellery pieces that could be paired with them:

* Pochampally: Nothing can surpass the grandeur of a Pochampally sari.

It is like an intimate rendezvous of geometry and dye, perfect for an occasion like wedding. Its intensity and density, both will keep you busy and warm throughout. Wear statement earrings in silver to add to the graceful look.

* Tussar: Tussar sari exudes a distinct natural dull golden lustre, resulting from its rich textural weaves, thus even a plain Tussar sari is feast to eyes.

Owing to its thick weave, you may not even have to reach out for your shawl in the cold season. Accentuate the entire look with simple silver studs.

* Patola: If you wear a Patola, you would not need to wear anything else. From the sheer hardwork that goes into a Patola to the price tag attached, it is a stunning result of rare handcraft.

Wear it with your statement silver neck piece you have been keeping for a special look.

* Ikat: For the demure and graceful wedding wear, Ikats are classic choice.

Its serrated feathery edge and vivid colours lend it a unique visual charm. Also, density of weave makes sure that no passing winds make you miss the wedding fun. A silver, bold finished maangtika or ear cuffs can glamourize the look.

* Baluchari: Illustrative in nature and conversational in nature, a Baluchari sari is like a woven picture of the past.

Intricate weaving and fascinating motifs would keep you going through the festivities unfazed. Wear heavy silver jhumkas or chunky rings to complement the attire.

* Paithani: A crafting tradition that is more than 2000 years old, draping the royalty and connoisseurs across continents over the centuries, Paithani saris are magnificent to say the least.

Couple the sari with big and quirky ear cuffs or a heavy silver bangle.



Source: IANS