Conditional work permits for companies in Gurugram

Gurugram, April 25 : Amid lockdown, the Haryana government has comes out with a plan to allow companies on certain condition to start commercial operations in Gurugram district.

The district has over 10,000 large, medium and small-scale industries and most of them have now filed applications for permits.

As many as 350 major companies such as Maruti Suzuki India Ltd have already obtained the permit for their facilities.

Amit Khatri, District Magistrate of Gurugram, said a committee had been set up to prepare a roadmap for starting industries.

"The committee has put in all guidelines issued from ICMR, disaster management and Haryana pandemic Act.

The permission was given only to those companies which have agreed to give an undertaking to the district administration that they would meet all points," Khatri said.

"The most important point of the guidelines is to work with a reduced strength followed by arrangements of travelling of workers, including pick-up and drop facilities from work place to home.

The companies should also follow travelling accommodation guidelines, for example, a bus having a capacity of 50 persons can be eligible to transport only 25 workers," Khatri said.


Kundu, Additional Chief Secretary and nodal officer of Covid 19 of Gurugram said: "The health aspects is priority for us and it cannot be compromised.

The companies that have obtained the permission should follow the guidelines drawn up by the Centre and Haryana government.

Any kind of breech can result in cancellation of permission."

In a bid to maintain safe transportation, the district administration has issued 4,500 travelling passes for commercial purpose.

"The companies can apply online for working permits as well as passes. We expect over 1,500 companies will apply for permits," Kundu said.



Source: IANS